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We are committed to offer the best photo coverage for your event,


sorry we don t do wedding photo


DCClic.ca is an extension of

DC Integration Inc. DC Integration Inc. is a audio-visual consultation company. Many years of experience providing audio-visual services to a wide variety of events has naturally leads to the creation of this new service. I have decided to merge my passion for photography with my expertise and experience in event audio-visual services.


Each opportunity to cover your event is entered into as a partnership. Our first priority is to creatively, positively and discreetly capture your event with photographs that will allow you to remember it in it’s entirety.


Establishing the scope of the event is foremost so plans can be made to efficiently record it in photographs. The details of the event will be discussed in depth ahead of time to ensure the  aspects you view as most important are covered.


Thorough coverage is enhanced by early arrival for proper set up and active engagement throughout the event. Adequate staff will be present to accommodate your needs.


Once your event is completed your images will be electronically developed. Photographs are shot in RAW, a process that ensures that the captured images are of the highest quality. In the development process the images are enhanced. Finally the finishing touches are applied and the result is a collection of fully optimized images. If the images of your event are time sensitive we are capable of having on site development. This would allow them to be utilized for social media in real time.


RAW Definition: Raw image files are sometimes called digital negatives, as they fulfill the same role as negatives in film photography: that is, the negative is not directly usable as an image, but has all of the information needed to create an image.

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